1. This site will not let me vote. What do I do?
  It depends. Have you gotten an email message containing voting instructions and a special link? (we call this a registration notice) If yes, see question 2. If no, see question 3.  
2. Incorrect voter code?
  If you get this error message, your email client probably cut-up the link that was emailed to you. You can either try to put the link back together or follow the SPECIAL VOTING INSTRUCTIONS sent to you in the registration email.  
3. Who is the election administrator?
  We do not know. Openballotbox.com does not run elections. It is a self-service. Someone known to you in your organization/community sets up the elections and adds the voters. You must find out who that is and contact him/her directly.  
4. I have not gotten a registration notice and I am supposed to be on the voter list or I have registered myself. What do I do?  

If you did not receive a registration notice in your inbox after registering, your email server may have classified our notice as Spam. If you suspect that this is happening, please first send a blank email. Hopefully this will cause our email address to be white listed by your server.

After doing this, you can ask your election administrator to remove your email address from the voters list and add it again.

If you still do not get the registration email, please Contact Us.

5. I have not gotten a registration notice. How do I vote?
  In order to vote on Openballotbox.com elections/surveys or polls, you must either be registered by the election/survey/poll administrator.  
6. It says I have already voted.
  Generally, this means that someone who has access to your email inbox may have used the link that was sent to you in the registration notice. A member of your family may have used it, or it may have been used by someone trying to influence the results of the election. If you are certain that it was not someone in your family, please contact the election/poll/survey administrator.  
7. I get this error: Incorrect voter email or voter code. Please try again.
  If you got a registration notice and you are getting this error when you click on the link, the usual explanation is that your email client (email-reading program) is chopping the link when it tries to wrap the content of the email message. You should open up notepad or any other text editing program (Word will also work), and copy and paste from your email program both of the lines that contain the link/url text. The url starts with http:// and ends with a blank line. Everything from http:// to the blank line is the URL and you should make sure that it runs together in your text editor on a single line. Then you can copy and paste that into your web browser's address bar and press enter. If this doesn't work, then please contact us, pasting the entire contents of your registration email into the contact box.  
8. If you have a question that is not listed here, please Contact Us
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